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Question No. 1

Which three types of information can an Extension Template contain? (Choose three.)

Answer: A, B, C

Optionally, you can define parameters for Java Message Service (JMS) in the Extension Template.

Optionally, you can customize the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) settings in the Extension Template.

You can review and modify, if desired, the list of applications to be included in your extension template.

Question No. 2

You are managing and monitoring durable subscribers for your JMS topics to ensure that all the subscribers would receive persistent messages.

However, JMS connections are currently restricted, so only one connection with the same client ID could exist in the scope of your cluster.

On which page of the Administration Console can you set Client ID Policy to unrestricted in order to lift this restriction? (Choose the best answer.)

Answer: B

You can find help on Client ID Policy configuration through the following path:

OTN Home > Oracle WebLogic Server Documentation > Administration Console Online Help > JMS Connection Factory: Configuration: Client

Question No. 3

You are creating and configuring a production WebLogic Server (WLS) domain that is highly available. Which three WebLogic Server features allow you to best accomplish this requirement? (Choose three.)

Answer: B, C, E

B Load balancing is the even distribution of jobs and associated communications across the computing and networking resources in your environment.

C: In a WebLogic Server cluster, application processing can continue when a server instance fails.

E: Migration in WebLogic Server is the process of moving a clustered WebLogic Server instance or a component running on a clustered instance elsewhere if failure occurs. This is called Whole-server migration.

Question No. 4

A hardware load-balancer (HWLB) is positioned as the primary entry point into your WebLogic Server domain. Aspects of your application use SSL to protect data on the network from your clients to your domain.

Which configuration provides the best performance for your domain? (Choose the best answer.)

Answer: A

In most of the architectures, the SSL is terminated at the hardware load balancer for performance reasons and allows the internal traffic to use HTTP for communication.

Question No. 5

Poor ventilation and cooling in and around the machine that hosts your administration server and a clustered managed server causes a local hard drive failure and thus both servers crash as well.

This is the first time this crash has occurred in production but an automatic Whole Server Migration kicks in as expected. The clustered server migrates to a machine on which it has never run before, and for that reason the server cannot be started on this new machine.

Which action could have helped to launch this migrated clustered server? (Choose the best answer.)

Answer: D

There is no built-in mechanism for transferring files that a server depends on between machines. Using a disk that is accessible from all machines is the preferred way to ensure file availability. If you cannot share disks between servers, you must ensure that the contents of domain_dir/bin are copied to each machine.

Question No. 6

You are using the Domain Template Builder to create a new template using an existing domain as the source.

Which two directories are included by default? (Choose two.)

Answer: A, B

If you selected a domain as the source for your new template, then the bin and lib directories are included by default:

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